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So, today, I am going to review the OnePlus Nord Buds E505A. The 2020 Nord smartphone from OnePlus was a breath of fresh air because it differed from their usual lineup. The OnePlus Nord Buds true wireless headset brings that Nord spirit to audio. They cost only Rs. 2,999, and you can easily get them for around Rs. 2,799 on usual e-commerce offers. The OnePlus Nord Buds E505A is one of their cheapest truly wireless headsets.

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Well, the real question is whether to invest your money in these buds or not. So, if you are confused, you can now leave your worries behind as I will share my experience of using these buds so that you can decide whether they are worth your time and money or not. Besides, I will cover all the important aspects so that you can make a fair decision.

Box Content

  • 1 set of buds
  • 1 user guide
  • 1 safety and warranty card
  • 1 brand sticker
  • 1 charge cable
  • 4 eartips
  • 1 welcome card
OnePlus Nord Buds E505A box contents

Design & Build

The look of OnePlus’ true wireless earphones is quite classy. But hold on, the OnePlus Nord Buds are going another way. These buds’ thicker earpiece stems are bold. Due to their many noticeable touch points, they stand out and look premium.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A design

These buds are available in two attractive colours: Elegant White Marble and cool Black Slate. But what turns heads are the mirror-like touch areas on each earpiece that reflect light. That sleek box contains three sets of different-sized ear tips. A short but useful USB Type-A to Type-C charging cable is included. These earpieces are dust- and water-resistant with an IP55 rating.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A bud box open

The charging case has a large OnePlus logo on top and a cool USB Type-C charging port and pairing button on the back. A single LED light at the front indicates status. However, due to its design, it may be a bit awkward for your pocket shape and might prove to be a pocket-stuffer.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A charging port

Let me mention a great advantage of these buds, despite being shiny, the white ones which I own myself don’t collect dirt or dust. OnePlus Nord Buds have made an impact on their design.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A In hand experience


Now, let’s put our focus on the comfort factor of these earbuds. You can adjust the silicone ear tips to fit your ears, and the earpieces fit snugly. The big, touch-sensitive areas make the OnePlus Nord Buds easier to use. Besides, you can call your phone’s voice assistant to switch between the last two devices you paired with a few taps.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A  comfort in ear

Besides, the phone’s left and right bud’s single-tap, double-tap, and triple-tap functions can be customised to perform different commands:

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A buds control features
  • Single-tap “Play/Pause” by default.
  • Double-tap defaults to “Next” and optionally “Play/Pause”, “Previous”, “Next”, and “Voice Assistant”.
  • Triple-tap defaults to “Previous” and optionally “Next” and “Voice Assistant”.

Connectivity & Features

The 12.4mm dynamic drivers in the OnePlus Nord Buds are efficient in producing a powerful sound. You will also find Dolby Atmos sound on the OnePlus 7 and newer models (except the Nord series).

These headphones have Bluetooth 5.2 for strong wireless connections. They work with SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, ensuring your music will sound great.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A connectivity and sound settings

According to me, these earphones are communication powerhouses. Each has two microphones that can capture clear sound from all directions. You know what is the best part? The AI noise reduction clears up calls by filtering out background noise. Besides, if you are listening to your playlist or talking, the OnePlus Nord Buds will sound great and can compete against any high-ranging earbuds in the market.


The OnePlus Nord Buds do not lean back when it comes to battery. From my experience, these earbuds can play music for five hours on a charge at moderate volumes. Best of all, the charging case provides three charges (Two for the earbuds and one for the box). Each full charge cycle provides 20–21 hours of playtime.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A battery

But wait there is more. I once listened to music for five hours after just 10 minutes of charging. The case and earpieces will charge in only 25 minutes. So, if you are in a hurry or don’t have time to charge, you can consider buying the OnePlus Nord Buds as they have a strong battery.

Sound Quality:

OnePlus Nord Buds have good sound and a quick switch mode. From my experience using the OnePlus Nord Buds, I understood they are the most anticipated OnePlus Buds Z successor. There is quick charging and Dolby Atmos support in the OnePlus in most smartphones, but the core experience ensures good sound that slays the show. Given its price, OnePlus has done well.

Nord Buds started things off loudly, demonstrating their impressive noise-making ability. These earphones produced rich, full sound at only medium volume. And I will be cursed if I miss the in-canal fit. It was like a sound cocoon and blocked noise well. The bass-friendly sound gave that electronic track a punch and moody start.

OnePlus Nord Buds E505A sound quality and control

The magic of the OnePlus Nord Buds lies in controlling the loud lows. The mids and highs are clean and pleasant despite being less loud than lows. Listen to a song that has both soft and high pitch. The vocals and soft parts are great, but the heavy bass in the middle is like a rock star taking over the show.

The OnePlus Nord Buds are easy to connect and didn’t cause any issues till now. The best part is despite being 4 metres away, these earphones can work pretty well.

With the OnePlus Nord Buds, call quality is good, irrespective of if you are inside or out. However, I noticed the volume change slightly as I had to raise the volume when I made or received calls. And when I returned to my music, I had to lower the volume quickly.

These buds are like chameleons because they can adjust their volume. You may need to twist the volume dial, but the OnePlus Nord Buds keep conversations clear and music moving.

In my opinion, in the audio circumstances, OnePlus sticks to its Nord philosophy. This is because the OnePlus Nord Buds are a great example of value for money. Providing a good experience within your budget is their prime goal. Come on; you can surely not get such premium-looking earphones for less than Rs. 3,000.

Besides, as they are available at an affordable price range, it doesn’t mean there is any compromise with the design and performance. They designed it well, making it sleek and attractive. I think you won’t be disappointed by these buds’ sound quality.

Moreover, the product’s fast charging and Quick Switch are like added gems to the crown. So, from my experience, OnePlus seems to be giving the Nord Buds the best value in all directions. So, if you are looking for affordable quality phones and audio gear, believe me, OnePlus has your back, and the OnePlus Nord Buds E505A is a worthy example that showcases the same.

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