Delays in OTT Releases Spark Negotiations and Anticipation Among Film Fans | cleaningraid

Despite an agreed-upon eight-week interval between their theatrical and digital premieres, “The Kerala Story” and “Zwigato” risk obstacles in their OTT releases because of the ever-changing film distribution environment. Producers and streaming services have divergent expectations of revenue, resulting in protracted talks that delay the launch of films.

Meanwhile, smaller films such as “Shiv Shastri Balboa” struggle to get appropriate screens and audiences, which hinders their visibility on digital platforms. Demand for films from OTT platforms increasingly depends on box office results, making commercially successful films more attractive for streaming partnerships.

The inability of “Zwigato” to reach the producer’s pricing expectations has contributed to its delayed digital release. Similarly, worries over the content of “The Kerala Story” increase the possibility of legal complications for streaming services, forcing distribution with caution.

OTT platforms and producers must traverse a complicated world of agreements and expectations to offer the cinematic experience to online viewers as fans anxiously await the digital release of their favourite films.

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