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If you are looking for the best action camera for bike in India, then, you have landed at the right place. Through this post, I will try to guide you on how to select the best action camera for bike in India. Have you ever been bungee jumping? Or paragliding for that matter? Adventure sports are such a rage and are fast catching up in India too. How else to prove your swag and grit if not through adventure sports? If you want to relive those memories and show your loved ones and friends the photos from your adventure you cannot expect your delicate DSLR to do it for you.

Instead, you might end up worrying about the safety of your precious DSLR and not take any pics while you partake in your adventure sports. Such a waste and truly a shame that you let go of an opportunity to take some awesome pictures just because you didn’t know better. That is right, special cameras are made for this purpose only.

They are called action cameras and are quite durable. They can be used even underwater and they take pictures in 4k resolution. So, the next time you go scuba diving to say hi to the fishes don’t forget to take your action camera along with you. Today, in this post I will try to guide you to select the best action camera for bike in India.

List of the best action camera for bikers

Here, I have made a thorough comparison of the products based on Video Capture Resolution, Screen Size, Maximum storage, and Battery to help you in making better decisions and also enhance your shopping experience.

Following is the list of the best action camera for bikers

01. Lapras 4k action camera for vlogging


  • The body is made from
    metallic fiber, it is compact
    and can be used
    underwater too.
  • It is quite affordable.

Lapras 4k action camera is an action camera that can be used for any adventure sport. It comes with many accessories and can be easily mounted on a helmet. This compact and versatile camera is your perfect partner for taking pictures of all your adventures.

Key Features:

  • You can easily connect this camera to the WI-FI and share the pics to your smartphone.
  • It has multiple modes like driving mode, image rotation, time-lapse, loop recording, slow motion, drama shot, exposure, and white balance.
  • It runs on dual rechargeable lithium batteries and has long battery life.
  • The optical sensor is 16 MP and the video resolution is 4k.
  • It comes with a 12-year replacement warranty.


  • This camera is easily
    rechargeable through a
    USB cable and supports
    32 GB SD cards.


  • Battery backup is not adequate.

SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi 12MP Full HD WiFi Sports Action Camera is a great action camera and is available in different colours. It comes with many accessories and is water-resistant. You can travel 30 meters underwater to take delightful pics of sea life.

Key Features:

  • It has 12 MP sensors and records videos in 1080P.
  • It has gas burst mode that clicks 3/5/10 pics in a second.
  • The camera is equipped with a G lens and has a 170-degree FOV.
  • It has an HD screen and supports Wi-Fi function.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • This camera is well designed,
    comes with an external mic,
    and has a great audio


  • It is slightly expensive
    and the warranty is for
    6 months only.

PROCUS Rush 3.0 (Full Pack) 16MP 4K HD Action Camera Waterproof is a black action camera that comes in multiple modes and can be used to take high-resolution pictures of different adventure sports. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and comes with a 2.5mm external mic that records the audio crisply.

Key Features:

  • It is a waterproof camera equipped with a waterproof case.
  • The optical sensor is 16 MP and the video resolution is 4k.
  • It has multiple modes like driving mode, slow motion, time-lapse, loop recording, drama shot.
  • It has a wireless wrist remote control that controls the camera, starts/stops the recording, and even frames the shots.
  • It is equipped with Lithium batteries and the average battery life is 2.5 hours.
  • It comes with a 6 months warranty.
Cason CN10 Professional 4K 60fps HD 24MP Action Camera

04. Cason CN10 Professional 4K 60fps HD 24MP Action Camera


  • This camera has many
    features and the EIS technology
    is excellent.
  • It also has an external mic
    and can be controlled via a
    wrist-operated remote control.
  • It is affordable.

Cason CN10 Professional 4K 60fps HD 24MP Action Camera is a camera that comes with electronic image stabilization that can counteract any bump, shake or tilt giving you crisp and clear images. The number of blurry shots is reduced and it comes in a high-quality waterproof case making it suitable for underwater shots as well.

Key Features:

  • The resolution of the camera is 4k @ 60 FPS.
  • It has a 170-degree FOV.
  • It is battery-operated and has a long life.
  • It includes a converter cord and supports a 3.5mm pin.
  • You can control it with wrist operated remote control.
  • Has an external mic that records clear and crisp audio.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

05. Maizic Smarthomes Action Camera


  • This camera has many features
    and you can take and record
    wide-angle photos and videos easily.
  • It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions.


  • No warranty and doesn’t have
    long battery life.


MaizicSmarthomes Action Camera Ultra HD 4K is a black underwater sports action camera that captures fond memories in 4k resolution. It is the best underwater camera and can be used to take many of your snorkeling shots.  It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • It has a 170-degree FOV.
  • It has a 12 MP HD camera lens, and a 16 MP wide-angle camera.
  • It uses Wi-Fi to transfer photos and videos to your smart devices.
  • It comes with image stabilization and records videos with high stability.
  • It has a slot for a 32 GB micro SD card.

06. Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition


  • This camera has many
    features and has a powerful
    lens to take professional photographs and is powered
    by AI algorithms.


  • This camera is meant for professionals and is not for beginners.

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition 5.7K Panoramic Sports Action Camera is a black waterproof action camera designed to take professional videos and photos. It is the best action camera for mountain biking.It has an image capture speed of 200 fps and comes with flow state stabilization technology. The camera itself can be transformed from a 360-degree camera to a 4K 60 FPS wide-angle shooter.

Key Features:

  • It is a rugged camera that can absorb shocks.
  • It shoots videos and images in 5.7K resolution in a 4K 60 FPS angle lens.
  • It comes with an AI-powered algorithm that preserves every detail and makes your images pop.
  • It has features like auto framing and flash-cut editing that give a professional touch to your footage.
  • It has 7 shooting modes.
  • Night scene mode captures images perfectly in low light conditions.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

07. GoPro HERO10 Black Action Camera


  • This camera is well designed
    and takes some amazing
    quality videos and pictures.
  • It is very durable and can
    handle rough surfaces.


  • This camera is meant
    for professionals and
    is not for beginners.
  • It is expensive.

GoPro HERO10 Black Action Camera with Free Sling Bag is a famous action camera used by most professionals and relied on YouTubers. It takes high-resolution photos and videos and you can shoot your footage with fine detail. It offers stunning contrast even in low light and it is equipped with a new hydrophobic lens cover that repels water and eliminates lens flares.

Key Features:

  • It has a revolutionary processor and the camera has responsive touch controls.
  • It has double the frame rate for amazingly smooth footage.
  • It takes photos at 23 MP and the videos are recorded in 5.3k resolution.
  • The hyper smooth is the best image stabilization technology available and comes with horizontal leveling and has a higher tilt limit.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
Lapras 4k action camera for vlogging

08. Blackpool® 4K 30FPS Action Camera


  • This camera has many features
    and is well-suited to a beginner.
  • It can also be fitted on a
    drone and is very affordable.


  • The warranty is only for
    3 months.

Blackpool® 4K 30FPS Action Camera is a black action camera that is perfect for taking pictures of all your adventures. The action camera has a built-in microphone to record the audio in great clarity. You can easily connect this camera to the Wi-FI to share photos and videos instantaneously.

Key Features:

  • It has a photo resolution of 16 MP and a wide angle of 170 degrees FOV.
  • It supports a micro SD card of 128 GB.
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries and the camera is equipped with anti-shake technology.
  • It has many modes such as time-lapse, loop recording, etc.
  • It comes with a 3-month warranty.

09. Amazplus 7 Year Warranty Ultra Hd 4K WiFi Action Camera


  • This camera has many
    features and takes videos
    in 4 k resolution.
  • It is compatible with
    Android devices and can
    be controlled via your
    smartphone and the
    warranty terms are
    quite good.


  • It might not be compatible
    with iOS devices, and there
    is no information on the
    photo resolution or the
    optical sensor for that

Amazplus 7-Year Warranty Ultra HD is a black action camera that is compatible with Android devices. This camera can be controlled via your Android smartphone and you can share pics and videos on social media instantaneously. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi and comes in a high-quality waterproof case.

Key Features:

  • It records videos in 4k resolution.
  • It has features like a burst photo that captures 3 photos in 1 second.
  • It has modes like time-lapse and you can dive underwater to capture the vivid aquatic life.
  • It has a 7-year replacement warranty all over India.

10. SJCAM C200 Action Camera


  • This is well-designed and
    you can take some good
    quality photos and images.
  • The magnetic body allows
    you to mount it on any
    surface eliminating the
    need for many stands.
  • It is a good camera for

SJCAM C200 Action Camera 4K is another good action camera that has a magnetic body. It comes with SONY MX335 Sensor and Novatek 96660 Processor making it a powerful camera. This compact camera is packed with wonderful features like Super Smooth 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer EIS that helps you take world-class footage without bothering about the stability of the images.

Key Features:

  • You can take images and videos of 4k/24 FPS no matter how jerky your movement is.
  • Despite having a metal body this camera is more compact and lighter than its rivals
  • It comes equipped with face recognition technology.
  • The magnetic body of the camera enables you to mount it anywhere and makes your hands free.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

11. Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera


  • This action camera
    can capture 5.7K video
    from all directions.
  • It requires no gimbal to
    shoot steady videos.
  • Its flow state stabilization
    is the best in the market.
  • It comes with an invisible
    selfie stick, which you
    can edit easily.
  • It is waterproof.


  • The price of this product is
    bit towards the higher

This pocket camera is from a renowned brand in India. It is just everything that you ask while you want to shoot as you are riding your bike. It can shoot from every direction and comes with an amazing 5.7K 360 capture capacity. It has the best stabilization and horizon levelling algorithms that keep your shots steady without using a gimbal. It has an invisible selfie stick that can be easily removed while you edit your videos. With this, you can enjoy capturing drone angles or a third-person perspective with the flick of a wrist. Besides, it is waterproof which will allow you to capture yourself while you are riding your bike in the rain.

12. Procus Viper 16MP 4K HD Action Camera Waterproof with Wi-Fi


  • It comes with a built-in HDMI
    and Wi-Fi connection.
  • It produces 4k 30Fps video
    and 16-megapixel images.
  • It comes with a waterproof
  • 140° wide angle lens.
  • The price of this action camera
    is super affordable.


  • The battery backup of this
    device could be a little bit more.

This action camera can be the best pick for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. It is affordable and yet can capture the best quality videos and images for you. It comes with a waterproof case which allows you to capture video under the water or if it rains. It supports HDMI and WI-FI, all you need to do is download the XDV app and connect your smartphone to the Viper Action camera to view all your files. It comes with a 140° wide-angle lens to help you get maximum field coverage. Besides, it comes with a powerful battery of 1050 mAh.

13. FitSpark Eagle i9 Plus Professional Dual Screen Native 4K 30FPS WiFi Action Camera


  • It automatically switches
    to Drone mode once it is connected to the drone.
  • It has wide noise resolution.
  • It has a high capacity of 1350
    mAh battery.
  • You can easily connect it
    to Wi-Fi.
  • It is water-resistant.


  • It should have a ¼ screw
    socket towards the bottom
    to fix on a tripod or
    mounting bracket.

This action camera is counted among the best, budget-friendly options that you can find in the market. It comes with dual full-frame colour screens and a revolutionary anti-shake and 6-AXIS GYRO stabilization. It provides 4K 30FPS video resolution that provides 4k colour saturation with the Next Gen IMX386 CMOS sensor. It also allows you to have the best noiseless audio with its external 2.5 mm mouse support. Besides, it consumes 70% less power while operating.

The above list is not exhaustive but it should make you familiar with the product and its features. There are many models available offline and going through them will help you understand the product better. In the following section, I have written a buying guide that will guide you to buy the best action camera for a bike in India of your dreams.

What is an action camera?

Now, if you don’t know what an action camera is then continue reading my blog post, as I have explained everything about it. An action camera is a digital camera that records and takes pictures of you when you are immersed in the action. They are very durable, compact, rugged, and waterproof. They have many features including taking photos in burst mode, and time-lapse mode, as well as recording videos in HD.

Some of them even record videos in 4k resolution. Slow-motion video recording (120/240 fps) is a very common feature in these cameras. A typical action camera records into a micro SD card or comes with a micro USB connector. With adventure sports becoming more mainstream it has led to the rise of action cameras with sales increasing by 44% in 2014.

In the next paragraph, I have discussed the advantages of owning an action camera for bikes in India.

Advantages of an action camera

If you are into extreme sports then having an action camera for a bike to record your activities beats your DLSR hands down. There can be no debate about that. Here I have discussed the many advantages you get by investing in an action camera.

  • An action camera is instrumental in taking wide angles and 4k-resolution photos. They have large sensors that can capture top-quality photos and can be easily transferred to your smartphone using Wi-Fi.
  • These cameras are extremely compact and very portable. Most models can easily fit into the palm of your hand. If you prefer you can even set them on monopods, or tripods with ease.
  • Action cameras are perfect for recording extreme sports like surfing, skiing, scuba diving, etc. An innovative way to use this camera would be to mount it on a cricket bat and video the entire play to get a unique perspective in cricket-crazy India.
  • Action cameras can double as car dash cameras. In India car dash cams are very expensive and it is better to substitute them with action cameras as they have a wide-angle lens and can record the entire view in front of the car.
  • If you have watched YouTube videos you would know how people attach these cameras to their pets. You can try this with your pet and see the world from their point of view. It makes for an eye-opening experience. Using this camera you can see where your pet wanders and what it does throughout the day.

If the many advantages of the action camera have intrigued you then in the following paragraph I have listed some of the best action cameras for a bike in India available online that will help you familiarise yourself with the product.

How to buy an action camera for a bike in India?

Here I have shared some tips that will help you purchase the best action camera available on the market.

01. Video Quality

The video quality of any camera is critical. The pictures your camera captures should be clear, crisp, and immersive, the very definition of an action camera. Opt for cameras with high resolution. Depending on your needs you can go for 4k resolution cameras which are the latest in technology to hit the market. If you are a beginner then you can opt for a lower resolution and then upgrade to a higher model as you gain more experience.

02. Size and shape

Action cameras come in different shapes and sizes. The square action camera is better for chest mount while bullet-shaped action cameras can be fixed on your helmet, bike handles, and so on. Most action cameras feature a wide-angle field of view (FOV). Go for cameras that have options like wide, medium, and narrow FOV and take pictures accordingly. A wide-angle FOV cannot be used in all situations as some photos become distorted and will have a fish-eye effect.

03. Accessories

Different kinds of action cameras come with different types of accessory kits. If you want an underwater action camera buy a camera that comes with those specific accessories. The most crucial aspect of any action camera is mounting stability. To get that stability make sure the quality of your accessories is on par with that of the camera. To achieve this you need to browse as many cameras as possible and talk to people who have good knowledge about cameras.

04. Durability

Action cameras are durable and quite resilient to any wear and tear. But opting for action cameras that are also waterproof and weatherproof is for the better. Buy a camera that has settings that match your hobbies. For example, Underwater action cameras are best for hobbies like snorkelling, scuba diving, or surfing.

05. Battery Life

Most action cameras have a capacity of 3 hours of filming. If your purpose is to shoot hi-resolution videos and photos then the battery life will deplete faster. So, opt for cameras that have a battery life most suited to your photography goals. You can also buy action cameras that come with compatible spare batteries or power banks that will help sustain the battery juice for a longer period of time

Action cameras offer you memories of a lifetime and are not for just adrenaline junkies. That is why when purchasing an action camera for a bike in India make sure you compare many products, read the reviews, and look into the features and the prices. Do not take any hasty decisions fuelled by excitement and instead base your purchasing decisions on informed choices.


Action cameras are perfect for capturing those moments of your life that are action-packed. It would be a miss if you went on many adventures and you had nothing to record them on. These cameras are not only meant for action sports but you can unleash your creative side by taking videos or photos from some amazing perspectives.

You can fix them on your pets and can experience the world through their eyes. The potential of an action camera for bike in India is unlimited and the high-resolution photos and videos they record are unparalleled. In today’s times of Instagram and YouTube, you can unleash your spontaneous and creative side using these cameras to record the impossible.

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